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Entertainer Boom is today’s new transfer and quickly becomes the center of attention. The Queen of K-pop BoA and rising star Sang-yeob Lee show off their hidden talents, and the Men and guests get into each other’s personal lives through a game. The K-pop stars of “Comic-Dol” group Super Junior let it all hang out. They dish plenty of secrets, proving they are fearless in their comedy and performances.

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Jun-sang Yoo does musical theater and shows off his abs. Yun-jeong Jang performs trot music and gossips with the Men. After gracing Cannes, actress Kim Ok-bin hits the classroom to showcase her skills at martial arts and stunt falls. Two students from Man-to-Man High School—naïve Park Seong-ung and spirited Chae Jeong-an—transfer to the school.

There are other open source tools that are edu focused that I think could be included, like Candela, TAO, Open Embeddable Assessments, Omeka, and Scalar . I envision an edu section of the Sandstorm app store. It’s premature to be thinking this way, considering the relative newness of Sandstorm, but, this is why we experiment and play. On our end, around the same time, we had our first meeting with the BC Open Textbook Faculty Fellows. Rajiv especially latched onto the research angle right away and saw the importance of coming out of the open textbook project with data in hand.

This thing called the internet: part 2 of a post #opened15 textbook brain dump

Then, NU’EST singer JR and comedian Sung-Kwang Park, from the TV show Night Goblin, lighten the mood. Girl group BLACKPINK stages a scary performance. However, the tone moves from frightful to delightful when the men in the classroom start joking around.

The Right to Research Coalition sponsored a webinar with John where he presented some of the findings comparing the use of open resources with closed resources. The OER Research Hub has published a new study in OpenPraxis looking at the impact of OER on teaching & learning practice. And here is where I think open textbooks are playing a crucial role, because they create https://1investing.in/ an opportunity to see one different way of doing things, enabled by the internet. But what really excites me about this project is the chance to work with some of the most forward thinking edtech people in the province. And that is putting a big spring in my step. The main project on the go right now is (what I’ve called) the BC open education infrastructure project.

acciones en netflix

The Victoria and district streetcar system was inaugurated by the National Electric Tramway and Lighting Company in 1890. The system was later bought in 1897 by the British Columbia Electric Railway Company Limited, who operated it until 1948, when streetcars made their last runs. This shelter was constructed to service the Number 10 Streetcar, which made two trips a day to service the University School and then the Provincial Normal School. Okay, that is likely just me heaping a lot of representational baggage on the poor old textbook. But this isn’t the fault of the textbook any more than a bad lecture is the fault of Powerpoint. Poor pedagogy is poor pedagogy, regardless of whether a textbook is involved or not.

How playing with toy cars as a child eventually led Pavan Shetty to Porsche India

But from my view, I can see areas where it makes sense to come together, collaborate, find shared commonalities and potential opportunities that could benefit all. I’ve set up a form to gather information from folks in the BC post-sec system who are using, or are interested in, connecting with others across the province using WordPress. I’m hoping to start finding those pockets of WordPress use in the system in the hope of bringing together those who are using WordPress into some kind of community/network of practice. Ere is the fantasticPressBooks goodness Brad is whipping up here at BCcampus to support the open textbook project, and the work at TRU being done by Brian Lamb and Alan Levine. I am quite excited about this session as this is something I have wanted to see happen at an ETUG for the past few years. I have written about Wikipedia in the past and have been a semi-regular contributor for many years.

The Wikimedia Commons maintains a page listing image requests. There are a lot of image requests that post-sec faculty could contribute, especially in the sciences. So, if you have any of these specific images consider uploading it to the Wikimedia Commons and improving the Commons. Interestingly, it is not the open licenses that enables more experimentation with the content (only 14.8% of educators reporting that they use open licenses to share content), but rather the fact that the resources are online that enables adaptation. Being online is a much more important factor in reuse and adaptation that being openly licensed.

Post-course I went back to the original developer with the changes I had that I thought would make the course better. I asked him for the source file for the textbook so I could both modify the content & make it available electronically for the students. This was his content, he didn’t want it changed and he certainly didn’t want to “give away” the textbook to the students.

Beauty queen Kim Sung Ryoung, who has never had “an unpretty moment,” pairs with K.Will to beat the Men at trivia. Shin Jeonghwan, famed for his gambling debt scandal eight years ago, and the other members share untold stories and secrets. Iconic rocker Yoon Do-hyun and Ha Hyun-woo of Guckkasten mix it up with vocals and comedy. They perform in concert soon and also star in “Road to Ithaca.” Rapper Zico (Block B’s front man) and UFC fighter Kim Dong-hyun take on several challenges.

  • This is where the importance of things like metadata comes in.
  • It puts the control of curriculum back into the educators hand and encourages a deeper connection to the material.
  • We should, at the very least, try to provide systems that support technology enhanced pedagogical models outside of the narrow confines of the LMS.
  • For me, what I’ve learned from my own experience that when I am teaching using content I have had a hand in creating and adapting based on what I am seeing happen in my classroom, I become a more passionate educator.

Wikipedia is, first and foremost, a community made up of volunteers, and learning to negotiate and engage with that community is just as important as contributing & fixing content. It’s one of the topics we’ll be discussing at the workshop. Second, students should have exactly the same view of their data within our systems that their faculty and institution has. Students have the right to know what data is being collected about them, why it is being collected about them, how that data will be used, what decisions are being made using that data, and how that black box that is analyzing them works. The algorithms need to be transparent to them as well.

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Ho-dong’s energetic greeting has T-ara giggling. That’s why nobody expected such harsh accusations or the ghost stories! There’s an amazing rumor about Yu Jun-sang, Kim Se-jeong and Cho Byeong-gyu.

acciones en netflix

The Digital Pedagogy Network is a collaborative project between the University of Victoria and Simon Fraser University. Is a film about how the local population of Tanzania has been evicted to make way for the creation of the world’s most famous nature reserves. Set in the famous Serengeti and the Ngorongoro crater, the film explores how the parks came to be and how western perceptions about nature radically altered both the East African landscape and society.

‘The Fiery Priest’s’ Jeong Youngju, Ahn Chang-hwan, and Ko Jun are ready for a rematch. All four K-pop bad girls from MAMAMOO demonstrate their unique talents for the class. They’ve even brought a “roll call” game with them for everyone to play. Season 4 of Men on a Mission has 51 episodes. It’s Christmas in the classroom with this week’s special guests EXO. There is singing, dancing and even martial arts.

OER, teacher proofing and writing blog posts close to lunch means food analogies

They collaborate on school projects with their peers using web-based tools, conducting research online. First and foremost, the student projects are fantastic. These are students that are working hard to capture and preserve significant, but often overlooked, pieces of our cultural heritage, like the Fred Wah archives.

In a nutshell, Sandstorm aims to make the deployment of web applications as easy as installing an app on your smartphone. One click installs of popular open source packages like EtherPad and WordPress direct from an app repository/store . Anyway, from there, Martin brought Beck Pitt in, and the research was looking more real than it had just a few days earlier.

This work is obviously heavily influenced by Jim Groom & Tim Owens Domain of Ones Own which is, at its heart, about autonomy and control; about giving people the ability to control their own data and their own digital identity. It is also about recognizing that technology is not neutral, and that the systems we set up within our institutions impose a way of doing things that may not be the way Situational Leadership that our faculty want to teach. We should, at the very least, try to provide systems that support technology enhanced pedagogical models outside of the narrow confines of the LMS. One of the projects that I have begun sinking my teeth into post-opened conference has been the work done by Grant Potter, Brian Lamb, Tannis Morgan and Valerie Irvine, the former BCNet open education working group.

Vora, however, is the exact opposite — a psychologist cum marriage counsellor, who believes in true, long-lasting relationships. She believes that those ideals don’t apply to her — making her somewhat of a hypocrite. The Men welcome two oddball transfer students, singer Wheesung and actress Han-na Kang, who mystify the class with their strange yet alluring appeal.

All intellectual property rights are reserved by the providers and/or the exchange providing the data contained in this website. In order for its stock to rebound in a major way from here, the company has to prove that its new initiatives are meaningfully contributing to healthy top- and bottom-line growth and that its free cash flows are growing. JPMorgan, which upgraded NFLX to overweight from neutral, said in a recent note to clients that Netflix’s ad service will pay off over time.

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